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co-create a community rooted in love with us!

Building on One Art’s 20+ year track record in the neighborhood, The Coasis will be a catalyst for empowerment rather than displacement. Scaling the One Art model will allow us to build a reimagined comprehensive vision for community design.

We are co-creating a community rooted in love. We are engaging community members in visioning workshops to strengthen our model. We are gathering technical experts to support us in making this vision a reality! We will be documenting our journey to produce a toolkit for others worldwide to build with us.


join our insightful ascent:
we're climbing
mt. kilimanjaro!

Carlos Aponte, Malaika Gilpin (Co-Founder or One Art), and Keith Baldwin will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2025 with supporters who have paid to engage in an 8-day transformative journey up Mount Kilimanjaro’s Lemosho Route with Kili Treks Tanzania to immerse in nature’s beauty from rainforests to glaciers, finding enlightenment through each step. 

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