Our History

The sacred space that is now known as One Art was founded in 2001 by Benjamin Dyett Reid, it was then called Wall Street International. He had a big vision for a place, for everyone, for family, for all to enjoy (In Joy)! In 2005 Benjamin’s life was taken… his dream lives on as the seed he planted had taken root in a sidewalk crack in the concrete jungle. The seed was watered and nurtured by SunLight and Love. It grew and grew to become, to blossom to bloom into One Art Community Center.  


To inspire creative healing and expression through varied forms of art, including but not limited to Musical Arts, Visual Arts, Holistic Arts, Culinary Arts, Martial Arts, Cultural Arts, Literary Arts, Performing Arts as well as the Art of Gardening and Sustainable Design. We do this by providing authentic, real life experiences that teach the 21st century skills of communication, literacy, leadership, and problem solving through technology and the arts.


To provide an inspirational space and programming which embraces and embodies positive values through the arts, education, cultural, and community engagement. Our programs facilitate holistic healing, foster environmental sustainability, cultivate collaborative partnerships, and promote collective growth and unity within the community.


Ewan Gilpin

Co-Founder and Co-Directer

Ewan is a Master builder and visionary. He is a construction artist with advanced skills in carpentry, masonry, plumbing and electrical. His passion is building sustainably with recycled materials. He teaches these skills to communities locally and internationally. He has been focused on building tiny houses and his latest tiny home was built using 95% recycled materials. He finds great joy in building community space that is used to bring people together.


Malaika Gilpin

Co-Founder and Co-Directer

Malaika has her Masters in Multicultural Education. She was apart of the founding staff of Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School and was the director of the Arts department at that school. She taught for 16 years with an emphasis on environmental education as well as the Arts . She is an active member of the community and has gotten several awards for her community work, most recently receiving a citation of honor from the City of Philadelphia. She finds great joy in creating a space where people, groups, ideas and intersecting circles can physically connect and grow together.

Hoshea Rogovin

Communications Manager

She has worked with her family at One Art Community Center since she was young, fostering her love of graphic design and art, into becoming their social media and marketing manager. She also works at NESAWG (Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group) as a conference assistant where she helps with registration and conference outreach. She has studied at Hampshire College in Massachusetts where she developed her passion for theater production, urban sustainability, and design. She plans to go back to school soon.


Margery Cedano

Sustainability Training & Education Program (STEP) Manager

Marg grew up in Philly as a proud daughter of Dominican immigrants, a Central alum (270), and Temple graduate in Journalism (BA) and Urban Education (M Ed). Her path towards becoming the Manager of Sustainability Training and Education Program (STEP) at One Art is a testament to her passion for helping youth tap into their power through self-exploration and creativity. To her, art is to healing what education is to liberation. Her goal is to share her knowledge of storytelling, photography, and ceramics to help BIPOC communities regain control of their narrative and reconnect with the land through clay. 

Lyonzo Vargas (1).jpg

Lyonzo Vargas

Head of Sales

Lyonzo Vargas is a Social Entrepreneur, Community Architect , Urban Wellness Advocate and Urban Maestro, on an unstoppable mission. Lyonzo currently resides in Philadelphia, however entered the world in the melting pot of the Bronx, NY. Living in a culture filled with people suffering from stress and anxiety due to poor mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional diet, motivated Lyonzo and his two co-founders created an entertainment and wellness company called GLBL VLLG (Global Village). Lyonzo dedicated his life to people from all walks of life, focusing primarily on millennials, encouraging the incorporation of wellness through interactive entertainment and wellness events into daily lifestyles. He is creating this new social form of community connection through the rapidly growing Vllg Jam. Lyonzo is on his way to building/manifesting/ a mainstream platform encouraging holistic healing for marginalized communities, inevitably changing the world.

Mama Nisa

Product Manager

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