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Heading 5

The One Art Oasis

Over 30 fruits and vegetables grow in the Farm. Produce grown is shared with community and used in the One Art Gallery Café. Some of the goodies include:

  • kale

  • lettuce

  • corn

  • peppers

  • eggplant

  • okra

  • onions

  • tomatoes

  • celery

  • cabbage

  • blueberries

  • water melon

  • herbs (basil, mint, rosemerry, sage, cilantro)

meet our farm team

Our Girls

Our 4 hens: Shelly, Curry, Nuggets, and Denise provide us with fresh eggs everyday.

The Bees

We got 2 beehives this season and should be expecting honey soon!

The Boys

Arnold and Street are the best guard dogs ever.

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