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Support a sanctuary oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle and help experience one love at one art

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There's 2 easy steps!

1. Select which membership you would like to sign up for. We have 4 unique membership levels each with great perks and benefits (and 2 yearly plans). Click here to see a complete list of each level. You might need to confirm your email before you continue.

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Roots and Harvest members can go here to get exclusive access to our monthly webinar series. 

Host an event

Our Spaces:

The Courtyard

This is our largest space. It's all outdoor which is perfect for a summertime music festival, fashion show, etc

Capacity: 1000

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Interested in having an event at our space? Book your event with us by following the link below and filling out the form.

*Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, some of our space capacities have changed. 

Time Bank

The Time Bank of One Art is a part of a large network of Time Banks located all over the world. Time Banks are exchange systems where all of our working hours are equal. With the vast amounts of skills we have within our community, Time Banking allows us to share our skills while strengthening our community relationships. Each hour worked for someone in the Timebank gives you a 1 credit and each credit you have can be used with anyone within the time bank. All of this is documented on Hour This a space where we can each list our skills and share our needs. The site allows us to transfer time credits as used. Our bank will be as strong as our membership.


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