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Join the One Art Community to help bring upliftment and a positive change to the world. Your support helps One Art to thrive and to continue to be a sanctuary oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. 

By becoming a member you become a part of a sacred space. You will become a part of a larger community where we can thrive, create, grow together and experience One Love at One Art.

How do I become a member?

There's 2 easy steps!

1. Select which membership you would like to sign up for. We have 4 unique membership levels each with great perks and benefits (and 2 yearly plans). Click here to see a complete list of each level. You might need to confirm your email before you continue.

2. Check your email for one from us and follow the link to tell us more about yourself. You can also complete it by clicking here.

That's it! Roots and Harvest members can go here to get exclusive access to our monthly webinar series. 


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