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Our programs provide authentic, real life experiences that teach the 21st century skills of communication, literacy, leadership, and problem solving through technology and the arts.


The live entertainment at One Art provides 100% positive programming to the local community as well as the community at large. Productions are enriching and empowering as we present and provide a state of the art stage on which local and international performers are showcased. Coupling this with high quality performance and the unique oasis like setting of the One Art compound, the One Art live entertainment allows performer and audience to have an uplifting and inspirational experience. The live performances of One Art enhance and encourage creativity of all involved including the student interns who have the opportunity to study and participate in the Art of Production such as stage management, live sound engineering, lighting, backstage, booking, promotion and marketing. 

One Heart Beats
Studio coming soon!

One Art programs will utilize music and technology as a catalyst for learning. Students learn the technical skills to produce their own original music in the One Art Beat Studio. They will learn skills for theatrical production such as sound engineering, lighting, and backstage. Students also learn to use video and digital cameras as well other state of the art technical equipment. These students work in conjunction with other programs at the Center by documenting workshops and events, producing videos using computer technology as well creating/producing/engineering music in the recording studio and other state of the art technical equipment. It is our goal to bring awareness to One Art programs through video, recordings and photos of our activities, events, projects, and programs. By documenting and reporting our efforts we intend to broaden our outreach. These multimedia features will be utilized and documented by our interns and will be available to the public.


One Art Center educates students of all ages in various art forms while continuously reiterating the correlation of the Arts to Math, Literacy, Science, and Social Studies. Conflict resolution classes, health and fitness training (martial arts), literacy seminars (digital storytelling), problem-based learning (identify and solve a community problem), service learning (charities), parent workshops (math night or exchange parenting ideas), culinary (using math and science), musical and performing arts (playwriting) are brain compatible (active, interactive, and hands-on). Local, cultural, and educational institutions, museums, and businesses supplement our programs and further our goal to empower and develop emotionally healthy, productive citizens. The One Art Center will continue to develop and present innovative artistic and educational programs for students. While utilizing integrative and inclusive approaches which incorporate fundamental educational concepts and affirm the intrinsic role of education in the arts as well as the arts within education.

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