The One Art Center will continue to work towards being the Philadelphia’s center of urban sustainability. The One Art Oasis Farm will continue to expand as it focuses on transforming several vacant lots (adjacent to the Center) into a sustainable local food system which provides healthy foods, creates new jobs, and offers interactive educational opportunities for the community. We will continue to increase the community’s accessibility to organic fruits and vegetables. As we explore the Art of Gardening and Permaculture design, we also provide education on sustainable practices in our orchard as well as our organic learning garden which offers authentic hands on learning experience. We will also incorporate Earthships, which are a key factor to helping Philadelphia become the leading city for sustainable living. Being the most versatile and economical sustainable green building design, they get electricity from sun and wind and are built with natural and recycled materials. Classes in the Oasis Farm will include Earthship building, alternative energy installation, water catchment systems, as well as the Farm to Table workshops, composting, medicinal plants, canning and preserving. The educational programming in the Oasis Farm will promote healthy environment, healthy living, and empower the community to teach and grow themselves.