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Public Zero Waste Workshops and Young Wise and Thoughtful (YWT) activists workshops has worked to support youth in raising their voice about litter in their city. We are very happy to announce that in 2016, One Art has began to plan for the implementation of our Zero Waste Initiative. With guidance from local Zero Waste Specialists Alisa Shargo, we have began to lay the strategic foundations to alter our operations in order to create the least amount of solid waste impact possible. In 2015 we conducted a waste composition analysis after we hosted a medium size 600+ person event. The composition showed that One Art produced 441.9 lbs. of solid waste and recycling materials at this event. The composition study allowed us to critically observe our waste stream.

Our commitment to true sustainability has driven us to set the following goals:

  • Development of a Community Compost and Education Program

  • Installation of a state of the art water filtration system to reduce impurities and discourage bottled water

  • Design and Installation of a Zero Waste Receptacle System, which includes educational visualizations to inform guests

  • Installation of sanitizing amenities to encourage reuse in house

  • Replacement of single use flatware with reusable materials