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A huge part of the magic here at One Art is the ecosystem we've built with businesses who align with our mission. Together, we're serving our community from multiple angles and truly offering holistic wellness. 


Plant&People grew out of a notion to support the community with wellness and self-care tools. We believe adding more plants to our lifestyles and caring for plants can offer us an alternative to managing stress. We ask "why do we always have to leave our communities to heal?" This mother-daughter team have created such a beautiful shop that sells not only houseplants, but gardening supplies, wellness tool, books and more.

Coming soon! Spirit First Food is a plant-based restaurant in Philadelphia. Their mission is to assist the Divine, Sacred Earth families to return to spiritual, mental and physical health and well being. They recognize food as a symbol of the Creator's continuous love and nurturing support through our earthly experience. They love introducing their guests to vegetables that are creatively prepared to expand their well being and food experience pleasure.


InI Collective is a Black owned and women operated artisan collective. InI Collective came to be after Netfah and Malaika envisioned the need for a vibration-raising and centralized space to shop year-round for holistic, handcrafted creations. It’s a place where you can shop your conscience and be part of a creative community that shares your lifestyle, all while supporting small heart-based businesses.

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Superior Life Energy has spent the past 11 years creating, selling, and learning about metaphysical healing tools such as Orgonite, crystals, crystal jewelry as well as hosting local events such as crystal wrapping workshops, Reiki Classes and retreats. Superior Life Energy mission is to teach people how to heal through art and nature.

Black Soul Summer is a coalition of African American & Latino event curators, project managers and creatives who are collectively working to increase the capacity to produce culturally based events through collaboration. All too often, individual entities may lack the support and resources to consistently host experiences without the heavy oversight of corporate or political interest. The curators in this network value the power of collaboration, collective commerce and unity while mainting their individual brand identity.​

Lady Vic Art is dedicated to serve and honor the need for collective healing through cultivating intentional art, products, and experiences. Lady Vic Art (LVA) is rooted in stimulating a deeper connection to self,  the Earth (including her inhabitants), and God, always. Each piece is intentionally made to be powerful visual affirmationsto remind you who you are and bring loving energy to your space.

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