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There are workshops, classes, retreats and volunteer opportunities offered at One Art. Our programs are geared towards the upliftment of our community. They facilitate holistic healing, foster environmental sustainability and cultivate collaborative partnerships. We welcome teachers and students space to learn, teach, and grow together.


Youth STEP

Youth STEP is an agroecology leadership training focused on black and brown young people between the ages of 18-26 to empower them to take action on environmental issues that directly impact them and their communities. Youth STEP teaches sustainable building, urban agriculture and environmental justice through hands on skill trainings, regaining cultural knowledge, self-sustainable and regenerative practices.

Youth STEP plants seeds of knowledge in our students, cultivates their leadership and grows teachers who then become leaders in the program.


Community STEP

Community STEP is an opportunity for each one to teach one. Classes and workshops are offered  by community members for community members to learn and teach about a variety of subjects. Stay tuned for the Spring class schedule as we have a series of hands on classes where you will create your own Urban Medicine Cabinet taught by Nyambi of Nyambi Naturals. Workshops and guided plant medicine walks will also be offered in the Spring by Master Herbalist El Hagan.

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